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Resume Suppliment

Company Name:

Air Travel Company

Company Address: 607 North Peters Road Goldsby, Oklahoma 73069 Airfield Address: David J. Perry Airport [1K4][OK14] General Assets: 1. Fueling stations 2. Aircraft storage hangars 3. Line maintenance facilities 4. Customer and pilot services 5. Lighted uncontroled single runway Services: A private company providing chartered travel, tours and aircraft services for privately owned and non-commercial aircraft. CEO President: Private ownership Operations: Owner operated Personnel: Airfield Service Agents (2) Job Description: 1. Runway and taxiway surface maintenance 2. Parking apron defoliation and obstacle clearance 3. Lighting and animal obstruction device maintenance 4. Office, building and hangar maintenance and upkeep 5. Aircraft general maintenance and customer services Contact: Dick Hutton, Airport Manager [405]288.2528