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Resume Suppliment

Company Name: 239th Attack Helicopter Company, 8th U.S. Army Camp Stanley / Camp Red Cloud SongSanee UijongBu Company Address: HHQ YongSan, South Korea [H-208]RKSM Airfield Address: Camp Stanley [H-207]RKSX Red Cloud [A-510] General Assets: Aviation Services: Ground unit support CEO President: Operations: Personnel: Job Description: 1. Helicopter Transport Pilot 2. Classified Documents Officer
  1. Maintain, revise and review company operating documents:
    • SOP
    • SOI
    • memos
    • NOTAMS
    • manuals
    • notices
    • pamphlets
    • directives
    • twix circulars
    • special instructions
    • cryptonic codes & equipment
  2. Maintain activities log book acknowledging receipt and disposition of documentation to and from the security control office [S-2]
  3. Process orders, clearances and directives from the Commander, the Executive Officer and Security Control Officer in coordination with the central office [G-2], SEATO and NSC
  4. Maintain base security by inspecting security post personnel rosters and security equipment while providing air transportation for higher lever inspectors and chief personnel
  5. Transport material, equipment and personnel sensitive to unit integrity
  6. Provide aerial documentation of activity in military control areas
  7. Coordinate transition flights into and out of sensitive zones
  8. Conduct aerial deployment and extraction of special operations units:
    • ordinance demolition teams
    • military & government VIP
    • long range patrols
    • medical personnel
    • news agents
    • diplomats
    • engineers
  9. Maintain cooperation, coordination and assistance from ally personnel in the operation of military movement and training activies.

Contact: United States Office of Personnel Records 9700 Page Street, St. Louis, Missouri [314]263.7564 Internet: Army Aviation, Fort Rucker, AL