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Resume Suppliment

Company Name:

Elite Logistics Delivery, Inc.

formerly: Fast Delivery, Inc. formerly: Delivery Services, Inc. formerly: Federal Armored Service, Inc. Company Address: Post Office Box 888681 4459 44th Street S.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan 49588-8681 Airfield Address: Gerald R. Ford International Airport General Assets: auto and light van Services: contracted pick up and delivery service CEO President: Terri Larkins [closed corporation] Operations: Marlene Larkins Personnel: Bob Larkins Hary Larkins Joel Larkins Job Description: Contracted Courier Transport sensitive documents on scheduled land and air routes. Company had a contract with Ford Motor Company to operate newly developed technology in fuel emissions, alternate power systems and patented engine design features with Northstar Navigation wireless data recording systems installed to record vehicle performance in real world environments. Each route recorded 10,000 road miles a month. Contact: 1.800.711.8889 Grand Rapids Office 1.616.373.6211 Kalamazoo Office