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Resume Suppliment

Company Name:

Houston Helicpters, Inc.

Company Address: Pearland Aiprort, Texas Airfield Address: Pearland Airport [T29] General Assets: Bell product helicopters / Sikorsky S-76 Bell/Textron Corporate Approved Service Center Services: Offshore Oil Industry air support CEO President: Felton M. Baker Operations: Seven internal executives; Two Shifts seven on seven off Personnel: 30 to 60 pilot staff with outposts along the gulf coast Job Description: Federal Aviation Regulations Part 135. Corporate Pilot A. Point of destination coordination 1. PPR acquisition 2. Special entry land use 3. Restricted landing sites B. Power & gas line patrols 1. Construction surveys 2. Aerial photography 3. Planning surveys C. Weight & Balance configurations 1. Loading restrictions 2. Fuel requirements 3. Time on station D. Transport city heliports E. Unscheduled route planning 1. Stand-By services 2. Prioity on call services F. Billing Administration 1. Flight record maintenance 2. Customer Services G. Weather data 1. FSS flight clearances 2. VFR flight regulations H. Maintenance Flights 1. Navigation systems 2. Maintenance testing 3. Communications Contact: [713]485.1777 Houston Main Office 29TE