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Resume Suppliment

Company Name: Company A, 1-238th Avn BN, 5th U.S. Army Company Address: 10602 Eaton Highway, Grand Ledge, Michigan Airfield Address: Abrams Airfield [4D0] Grayling AAF [55D] General Assets: Aviation, Mess Facilities & Short Term Housing Services: Ground/Air Support CEO President: Operations: Personnel: Job Description: Tranport Pilot: UH-1 / OH-58 Unit operations under Federal Aviation Regulations part [91,93,133,139,141,145 & 150]. Position required cooperative interaction with military and civilian organizations in the acquisition and movement of material, equipment, supplies and personnel in safe compliance to military objectives. Activities demanded group coordination and individual cooperation while operating AH, UH and OH type helicopters collectively in all forms of weather, over any terrain, day and night. General Mission Overview:
  1. Individual flight proficiency training
    • Emergency procedures
    • Formation flight
    • NOE flight and navigation
    • Low Level flight and navigation
    • Instrument flight, planning and navigation
  2. Group flight proficiency training
    • IFR emergency flight procedures
    • Tactical flight planning and movement
    • Massive troop movement safety procedures
    • Aerial observation Search and Rescue procedures
  3. Federal and state reserve assets
    • Federal disaster relief acquisition
    • National defence reserves
    • State agency inventory Government use in state policy State Police availability News Reporting Agencies
  4. Recruiting and community awareness
    • Special request flight displays
    • Community service search & rescue
    • Intra-Unit training and recruiting
Contact: 1-517-627-0135 Company A 1-517-627-0138 Company B